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Preventive health checks

Preventive health check before intensive sporting activity: focus on heart and lung examinations

Running a marathon, for example, places considerable strain on the human body, particularly on the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract. To ensure that athletes are optimally prepared and potential risks are minimized, a thorough examination of heart and lung function prior to sporting activity is crucial.

Preventive health checks prior to intense sporting activity usually include a detailed analysis of heart and lung function both at rest and during exercise. This process aims to identify potential risk factors and health problems at an early stage, ensuring the safety of athletes.


Cardiac examinations are usually carried out using electrocardiograms (ECG) to monitor the electrical activity of the heart and detect possible irregularities. In addition, echocardiography can be used to assess the structure and function of the heart in more detail. These examinations provide a comprehensive insight into heart health and make it possible to detect potential risks of cardiovascular problems at an early stage. Lung function is often checked using spirometry tests, which measure breathing capacity and airflow. This is particularly important as efficient oxygen uptake is crucial during marathons, for example. In addition, spiroergometry can be carried out to assess athletic performance more accurately. This method not only measures respiratory gases, but also energy consumption during exercise.


The combination of heart and lung examinations and sports performance diagnostics using spiroergometry provides a comprehensive assessment of the cardiorespiratory health of athletes. Based on these preventive measures, individual training plans can be drawn up and potential health risks minimized. More information and advice is available in the practice.


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It is our task to diagnose and treat the most diverse symptoms of illness in the entire spectrum of internal medicine in a holistic manner:


Asthma bronchiale

Do you suffer from shortness of breath or have a chronic cough? You feel a problem with your lungs or airways? Read more >


Lung disease (COPD) accelerates the breakdown of lung tissue.
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Sleep-related respiratory disorders and
after passed covid infection.

The practice provides complete internal pneumological diagnostics, as well as sleep apnea diagnostics.
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Allergy diagnostics

Do you suffer from itchy and watery eyes? Permanent skin rashes or constant diarrhea are part of your everyday life? You have problems with a runny nose and the lungs make noises?
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General internal medicine check-up

Many patients do not merely want to be treated by a specialist, but to receive comprehensive advice and care.
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Cardiovascular and lung check-up

In my practice you can expect a comprehensive, interdisciplinary range of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions of internal medicine.
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Focus on infusion therapy. 

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Sports medicine check-up

Sports medicine treatment and prevention in competitive and recreational sports. The sports check-up includes a comprehensive internal examination. Measurements of vital capacity, bicycle ergometry with ECG and an individual consultation are part of the check-up.
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Ultrasound diagnostics

We use ultrasound diagnostics (sonography) to examine internal organs, vessels or soft tissues. The examination is performed using sound waves and completely without X-rays. Areas of application include the chest area and here fluid accumulations of the lungs or the neck and here the thyroid gland.
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Thyroid disease and hypertension

Thyroid diseases are among the most common endocrinological diseases and can occur at any age. In our practice we can diagnose and implement an individual therapy based on special blood tests and an ultrasound of the thyroid gland. Hypertension affects at least 30% of the population, depending on age. At Spitalerstrasse, all hormonal disorders that can lead to hypertension are clarified by standardized testing and controlled blood sampling.
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Weight loss concepts

Medically guided weight loss programs can help ease the path to achieving a healthy weight and ensure long-term sustainability.
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Preventive health check

Preventive health check before intensive sporting activity: focus on heart and lung examinations.
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A company health check-up is valuable for employees and employers alike.
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Vaccination is one of the most effective measures to protect our health and stop the spread of disease.
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